Homeowners Insurance in Salem, Oregon

Burglary is on the Rise

In the past five years, crime rates in Salem Oregon have gone up 32 percent. Of that 32 percent 17 percent of those crimes are crimes of burglary or breaking and entering. This is causing many homeowners to read evaluate their homeowners insurance to in to make sure that they are covered. Many people are finding that they have not updated very Insurance in quite some time, and in fact, they are not covered adequately.

What Can Salem Residents Do To Prevent Burglary & Lower Homeowners Insurance Premiums?

It is important to keep your property well maintained. Cut down tall grass and always remove garbage another hazards that might increase the chance of fires, or burglaries. Make sure that outside locks work properly and are adequate enough to prevent break-ins to outside garages and sheds while you are away. Put motion detecting lights around the perimeter of your property to alert you and your neighbors of people trespassing on your property at night or during twilight hours.

It is also important to lock both your windows and your doors when you leave. Many residents forget to close windows. And, never, leave a key under the mat. If you have a habit of locking yourself outdoors, purchase an inexpensive key lockbox that has a combination on it. Also, keep checkbooks and other valuables in a safe or safety deposit box, so even if crooks are able to enter your home, you don't get your most important valuable -- your identity -- stolen.

Homeowners Insurance and Aliens

With the UFO festival happening in McMinnville, some Salem residents have asked if their homeowners insurance will cover them if their house is damaged due to alien invasion. The answer is usually, no. Most homeowners insurance does not cover you if your house is damaged due to acts of God, or acts of War. UFO invasion usually falls under 'acts of war', however, if this is something that concerns you, you may want to ask your insurance representative to see exactly what is covered. :)