Save Money on Your Insurance Policies

Why Did We Form the Oregon Insurance Information Council?

Many people are frustrated when looking for insurance. Quotes from one service to the next can vary by hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Why does one company seem so cheap? Can I trust them? Is a comprehensive policy worth the additional price? Do I qualify for unemployment insurance? How does term life insurance compare with whole life insurance? Consumers wonder why the large price variations occur, why there are so many confusing policy names, and how they can save money. We are here to help.

Free Helpful Insurance Information at Your Fingertips

Most insurance websites do not have much useful actionable information. Most insurance sites are ran by insurance agents, who have an obvious self gain bias.

Worse yet, insurance leads are worth a lot of money. With insurance being such a competitive category there is a heavy commercial bias to most information published on the subject.

We launched this site with two simple goals in mind, to give you:

  • honest unbiased advice about the insurance market; and
  • useful, actionable tips to help you save money

Currenlty we offer insurance information, tips and advice in the following categories:

Live Outside Oregon?

Spectrum Insurance Group offers free life insurance quotes from over 140 different nationwide suppliers.