Auto Insurance in Salem, Oregon

Salem Residents Alarmed at Car-Jackings

Residents in Salem are alarmed at the increase of ha car-jackings the past year. More cars have been stolen this year than ever before. And, if this continues, you may see a rising your auto insurance rates.

The chief of police of Salem is concerned at the increase. Strangely enough, the automobiles that are stolen, are usually older models. The automobile said have been stolen or are usually stolen at night or during early morning hours.

Auto insurance adjusters have been scrambling to keep up with the demand. In addition to their normal claims paperwork, the increase in stolen car clients has put a strain on some offices. Many are hiring temporary workers keep up with the demand.

How to Save Money on Your Auto Premiums

Insurance companies consider several things when deciding to renew insurance policies.

  • Insurance companies look at the amount of claims you have filed in the past. If you have filed a large claims in the past, an insurance company is less likely to renew your insurance policy in the future. Therefore, it is important to only file claims when absolutely necessary.
  • Insurance companies also look at your credit report to determine if you are someone who was worthy of being insured. It is extremely important to report to any identity theft to your insurance company as soon as possible. Also, correct any issues you have on your credit report in a timely manner.
  • Most of the time, auto insurance rates will not go up if the crime rate increases. However, if the crime rate increases and many people in your area are filing claims, the area in which you live could be considered a higher risk zone, for which higher premiums apply.