The State of Health Insurance in Salem Oregon

Taking Care of Senior Citizens With Increasing Life Expenctancy

Many senior citizens in Salem Oregon are pressing for alternatives to nursing homes. As Americans live longer healthier lives, many wish to spend their old age in their own homes. Residents of Oregon would like the Oregon health care system to cover nursing care in their homes.

State and Federal Health Care & Insurance Help

Nearly three decades ago Oregon Project Independence it is the national model for in home services for senior citizens. Understandably, many senior citizens do not want to lose their independence even as they age. This project has found innovative ways to keep people in their own homes and communities.

Medicare which is the federal health insurance program for people 65 years of agent older does not pay for long-term care. Medicated which is the federal program for health insurance for the poor does pay for long-term care, that you must spend down all your assets before it applies.

The Youth are Undercovered, too

The young in Salem are not much better off. Across the state of Oregon, many families and over 100,000 children are not insured.

However, changes are being proposed to cover All Oregon citizens. Spending is being redirected to services better more effective for long-term health such as preventive measures. Unfortunately, these changes will take time.