What Is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is coverage which will provide a payment for a covered illness or injury. Some insurance policies will also pay for preventive treatments such as: yearly physical checkups, mammograms, maternity care, and yearly eye exams. Health insurance will also pay for treatments to help the patients heal from an accident or injury. Some coverage may also pay for medicines and the expenses due to hospitalization or surgery.

Basic Health Insurance Rights

Insurance companies may not deny you charge more or limit coverage because of your race, color, religion or national origin. People with similar levels of risk may not be offered differing rates, policy terms, or benefits, nor can they be discriminated a against in any other manner unless the insurer bases the refusal on sound actual principles. Also, your medical records must be released to you upon written request.

What is an Emergency in the State of Oregon?

Your health insurance policy must define for you what they consider an emergency, and how they cover it. Oregon law defines emergency as "a medical condition that manifests itself by symptoms of sufficient severity that a prudent layperson possessing an average knowledge of health and medicine would reasonably expect that failure to receive immediate medical attention would place the health of a person, or a fetus in the case of a pregnant woman, in serious jeopardy."

Do I Have to Have Medical Insurance in the State of Oregon?

It is not required for you to have medical insurance in the state of Oregon. However, you will be charged for any medical expenses you incur if you do not have it. If you have been denied health insurance because of your medical condition, Oregon does provide a last resort insurance to help you. It is called OMIP which stands for Oregon Medical Insurance Pool. Click here for more information about OMIP here.