Portland, Or Insurance Overview

City History

With roughly 550,000 residents spread out over 145.4 miles Portland is the largest city in Oregon, and one of the top 100 largest cities in the US.

It was originally a western trading post which sea goods flowed inward from before railroads were established as an important means of transportation. As railroad made sea trade less of a priority Oregon continued to sustain their economic prosperity due to a temperate climate, clean city environment, and more recently due to immigration from Californians and a surge in local technology investment.

Things to Consider

Portland was more well planned out than most other similarly sized cities, and thus has less traffic density and lower insurance premiums than other similar cities. Their public transportation system is also noted as being highly successful.

Where you save in auto insurance premiums you may pay extra for your mortgage and home insurance though. Portland is a somewhat boxed in city by its urban development limits which caused a sharp increase in real estate costs.

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