Portland Life Insurance Policies

Lack of Life Insurance in Portland Highest in the State of Oregon

A recent survey has shown that a whopping 46 percent of those living in Oregon do not have life insurance. Portland, Oregon scored even lower, with only 42 percent of its residents having life insurance.

Researchers were stunned to find out that Portland Oregon has the highest incidence of people that do not have life insurance. While there is no clear evidence as to why this is the case, researchers believe that common reasons may apply.

Building Wealth and Stability With Your Insurance Policy

When surveyed, most Portland residents replied that life insurance was not something they really thought about. Many people did not understand that life insurance policies can be used as a financial tool to build a nest egg. Other people simply believe that it is something that can be put off until later. However, life insurance is especially for an unplanned events such as death or dismemberment.

Leave Something Behind for Your Loved Ones

Researchers fount that many of those living in Portland believed that life insurance was only good to pay for funeral expenses. While the pay out from a life insurance policy can be used to not only for funeral arrangements, but also to pay off the deceased debts, it can also help the family get on its feet if the main wage earner has died. Or, it can be used as a way to save money for a child's college tuition. With college costs in the state of Oregon on the rise, a life insurance policy is an easy and many times tax-deferred way to save money for college. The best advice is to contact your financial planner to see what kind of Life Insurance policy is best for you and your goals.

Also, the state of Oregon has an excellent web site dedicated to information about insurance for both consumers and insurance companies at: http://insurance.oregon.gov.