Portland Car Insurance Quote Prices are on the Rise

Thefts from autos have gone up 26 percent since 2003 in the Portland area. With the rise in auto burglaries, auto insurance premiums have also gone up. However, there are a few ways to keep your auto insurance premiums low. Most of the time, auto burglaries can be eliminated by keeping a few key points in mind.

5 Tips to Help You Cut Your Insurance Costs Today:

1. Always lock your car. While it may seem obvious, many people forget to keep their car locked when they're not using it. Many burglaries and thefts are avoided with this one simple rule. Insurance companies know this and will give you a break on your insurance premium if you have a security system on your car.

2. Take the keys out of your car. Believing that thieves do not know to look in the ash tray or under the car mat, or in the glove box for your 'hidden' car keys is just silly. Thieves are people too, and they know all the tricks.

3. Remove valuables from your car. Don't give thieves their reason to break into your car. If you leave your digital camera on the back seat, it gives them a reason to want to break in and steal it. If you must leave a valuable in the car, put them in the trunk or out of sight. Also, have extra insurance on valuable things you must tote around with you, such as your laptop.

4. Park your car in a well lit area. By parking your car under a light, or in a busy, populated place, thieves are less likely to break into it. The more eyes that are around to see the crime the less likely they are to be able to do anything. If you live in an apartment, see if you can get a garage for your car. You may make up the extra rent with savings on your monthly insurance premium.

5. Close your garage door. If you are not in the garage, there's no reason for your garage door be opened. It is very common for people to come home, park their car the garage, take the trash out, and then forget to close the garage door when they come back into the house.