Do You Need to Renew Your Portland, Oregon Insurance Policy?

40% of Working Poor in Portland Oregon Without Health Insurance

Within 18 months of leaving welfare, 40 percent of those living in Portland by without health insurance according to our recent study by Portland State University. While the state of Oregon does have the Oregon Health Plan to assist the the poor to retain health insurance benefits, many people on minimum wage make just enough to not be eligible for the program. However, they do not make enough money to health insurance benefits on their own. This is particularly true for those leaving welfare for work: many times, leaving welfare for a job means losing benefits, not gaining them.

Children in Portland Without Health Insurance

Perhaps the saddest statistic about this, is that 22 percent of these cases are children. Portland child care facilities can only do so much to help a sick child: they must send children home who have a fever. However, it is not uncommon to see children with the common cold or other illnesses that child care facilities. Working parents who need every penny they make to put food on the table often take children into childcare facilities knowing they are sick, but unable to stay home with their child.

What Portland Uninsured Have to Do

Portland uninsured are dealing with with the lack of health insurance in different ways. Many Portland residents reported that they delayed seeking medical attention and dental care. Others did not fill needed prescriptions. Many of these people's injuries or illnesses worsened, and they ended up in the emergency room. Large medical bills further prevents the working poor from becoming self sufficient.