International Health Insurance (PPI)

What is International Health Insurance?

International health insurance is designed along the same principles as local (or national) health insurance products; namely coverage against possible future medical situations for a predetermined sum of money. The major difference with an international plan when compared to local medical insurance comes in the fact that international policies are globally portable and designed to protect the policyholder anywhere in the world. In addition to this worldwide portability, global medical insurance plans will often calculate premiums differently from local health insurance plans, using a policyholder’s age and geographical area of coverage as a starting point rather than the individual’s claims history.

What is covered under these policies?

International health insurance policies will provide the same basic coverage as local health insurance plans. As with normal health insurance coverage, however, you are able to upgrade, or customize, the plan benefits to meet your exact requirements. International health insurance plans will typically have hospitalization (or in-patient) coverage as a standard policy condition. Other coverage benefits, however, may include: out-patient protection, maternity and dental coverage, complimentary therapies, specialist consultations, alternative medicines, IVF treatments, and emergency evacuation coverage. In many cases you are able to pick and choose the plan benefits that you want, making an international health insurance plan fully customizable.

How are premiums calculated?

As mentioned above, International health insurance plans will always calculate their premiums based on the policyholder’s age and the plans geographical area of coverage. There are normally two geographical areas of coverage with these plans; Worldwide or Worldwide excluding the USA. If a plan excludes coverage in the USA then the policyholder will still be able to obtain treatment there, it is only scheduled, elective, treatments that are excluded from coverage. International health insurance premiums will only ever change as you age, and will never increase due to the amount of medical treatment that a policyholder receives. You will always have the same premiums as all the other policyholders in your age group, giving you the assurance that you will always be able to receive the quality healthcare that you deserve.

Are international health insurance plans renewable?

From most policy providers, international health insurance plans are guaranteed renewable for life. This means that as long as a premium is paid every year you will always be guaranteed continuing coverage. You will never be denied ongoing coverage due to your age or claims history, giving you the assurance of quality healthcare throughout your life.